G3 Self Appraisal App

The new G3 Appraisal App is a customer appraisal solution to speed up the returns and disposal process of the vehicle. Whether it's an end of contract, voluntary termination, or part ex, the G3 Appraisal app allows end users to appraise the vehicle on their driveway ahead of its return - making the next step in the decision process much more efficient.

Available on both iTunes and Google Play Store, the app is designed to be self-sufficient for end-users to download and complete. With an interactive video walkthrough, alongside intuitive instructions to ensure a full and accurate appraisal from any location. It can be built bespoke to specific needs and branding if required.

The app guides users through the process, ensuring they capture a true 360 image of the car, alongside an oddometer image to confirm the mileage and any special requirements to gather a true value of the car (keys, history, V5, etc)

The end result is an individual inspection report page generated for each submission, with the images and videos attached, alongside relevant information gathered from CAP HPI valuations, HPI check and vehicle data.